Both the XRA-31 Command-line Interface and XRA-31 Python Interface can be installed on any system running Python 3. They are packaged together in the excentis-xra31 package, installable from PyPI:

$ pip3 install excentis-xra31

This assumes the Python Package Installer, pip, is accessible from the command line. If not, the PATH should either be updated manually, or using the checkbox in the Python installer.

User-specific installation without privileges can be achieved using

$ pip3 install --user excentis-xra31

In this scenario, make sure to update your PATH. When in doubt,

$ python3 -c "import site; import pathlib; print(pathlib.Path(site.USER_BASE + '/bin'))"

will show you where local Python executables are installed.

As a third option, experienced Python users not willing to mix and mangle environments can use the same wheel within venv.