Version 5.2.0


  • Extended capture filtering with the following new packet types:

    • SYNC,

    • MAP on reference channel and

    • MAP on non-reference channel.

Version 5.0.1


  • Fixed bug where capture configuration could not be applied.

  • Fixed bug where capture file could not be downloaded.

Version 5.0.0


To provide consistent and reliable access to file locations for capturing and analysis, directories and filenames have been merged into paths where possible.

This applies to both the XRA-31 Command-line Interface and XRA-31 Python Interface.

In practice, the following has changed:

Python warnings are generated for deprecated functions (warnings — Warning control), and the CLI commands will inform the user of these changes when applicable.

Roll-off Period

The revised OFDM locking procedure no longer requires the roll-off period as an input parameter. As a consequence, add_ofdm() no longer accepts a rolloff_period argument.