Exceptions specific to the XRA-31.

exception excentis.xra31.exceptions.Xra31Warning

Warning for XRA-31.

exception excentis.xra31.exceptions.Xra31Exception

Raised in case of an XRA-31 related exception.

exception excentis.xra31.exceptions.Xra31VersionException

Raised in case of a client-server version mismatch.

exception excentis.xra31.exceptions.Xra31RestException

Raised in case of a REST Exception.

exception excentis.xra31.exceptions.Xra31RestWarning

Raised in case of a REST Warning.

exception excentis.xra31.exceptions.Xra31ConnectionException

Raised in case of a REST Connection Exception.

exception excentis.xra31.exceptions.Xra31HttpException(error, *args, **kwargs)

Raised in case of a REST HTTP Exception.

exception excentis.xra31.exceptions.Xra31ClientException(error, *args, **kwargs)

Raised in case of a REST HTTP Client Exception.

exception excentis.xra31.exceptions.Xra31ServerException(error, *args, **kwargs)

Raised in case of a REST HTTP Server Exception.

exception excentis.xra31.exceptions.Xra31StateException

Raised in case an action is incompatible with the current state.

exception excentis.xra31.exceptions.Xra31FullAccessException

Raised in case full-access mode is required.

exception excentis.xra31.exceptions.Xra31TimeoutException

Raised in case a timeout occurred.

exception excentis.xra31.exceptions.Xra31ConfigurationException

Raised in case of an inconsistent configuration for the XRA-31.

exception excentis.xra31.exceptions.Xra31FileNotFoundException

Raised in case a file can not be found on the XRA-31.